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Alan M.A. Friedmann

The home of Julia Flowers’ Casebooks

Let it be said that this is a tale that kept me glued. 

Peter J Earle:

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The first of Julia Flowers’ Casebooks, The Sorrowful Woman, has just been published.

Alan Friedmann’s writing is so unique that it defines an altogether new genre - Tartan Blanc. Suspenseful, but not heavy. Scottish, but not parochial.

Introducing a new type of heroine, Julia Flowers, antiques sleuth,  and the enigmatic Inspector Bland.

Tartan Blanc has arrived!

Sarah Ward:

There is a strong Scottish sense of place and The Sorrowful Woman is an enjoyable start to what I’m sure will be a great new series.

The Puzzle Doctor:

This isn’t a normal cosy. The plot trundles along nicely. The killer is hard to spot and the story is complex and ticks the usual mystery boxes.”

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